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Resort's information form for promoting your rooms on Koh Chang Tourism portal.

Resort information form
Koh Chang Tourism is a portal that gives all information needed to the tourists who want to visit Koh Chang. and Mu Koh Chang National park.

In Koh Chang tourism, the tourists can book rooms of your resorts, and you don’t have to pay commission. This is a free service that we offer to you.

Please, fill the form in this page for giving us all the information which is essential to promote your rooms on Koh Chang Tourism portal:

9. Breckfast included?
<b>9. Breckfast included?</b>

10a. Room rates high season:

11a. Room rate low season

14. Facility:
<b>14. Facility:</b>

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16. Distribution (which tools you use):
Distribution (which tools you use):

Koh Chang Tourism wants to be the brand of choosing for tourism on Koh Chang and Mu Koh Chang National Park.

The goal of Koh Chang Tourism's project is to create a community through, consisting of public and private entities working in the field, an integrated system for the island promuore tourism through the establishment of a Destination management organization (DMO) for the governance of 'tourist offer of the island, so as to promote the region in an integrated and improve your chances of marketing the destination Koh Chang and Mu Koh chang national park by private operators.


Koh Chang Tourism will focus efforts on the issues identified within this plan:

  • Position Koh Chang as a holiday destination that successfully competes in the domestic and international marketplaces
  • Ensure sustainable growth and profitability through effective distribution of tourism information, products and services
  • Undertake appropriate tourism research, and policy and planning to enhance the visitor experience
  • Facilitate effective partnerships and alliances with all stakeholders having an interest in the sustainable development of Koh Chang
  • Develop appropriate packages that are fitted to identified consumer needs
  • Enhance the distribution of Koh Chang product through the travel trade network




Why does a region need a brand? A tourism brand is the imagination and emotion a region inspires in visitors. A set of beliefs and associations they hold about a place. A tourism brand is a promise of what to expect when you visit.


The Tourism Brand Koh Chang mark is a graphic device that is used to identify Koh Chang as a holiday destination within a co-ordinated brand campaign. Consistent use of the mark will build awareness and recognition with all our audiences.



Koh Chang Tourism  is sending out an electronic newsletter with the latest news, events and offers from Koh Chang. We would be happy to inform you as well! Insert your email: