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About Koh Kood

Koh Kood Island is situated in Thailand and it is a beautiful island that holds some of the most exotic beaches in the world. This island is located on the coast, most accurately on the coast of Trat. It is a large island, namely the fourth of its sort from Thailand. There are a lot of places that people can visit when they go there and most of them actually prefer the beaches because it gives them the opportunity of taking in some sun as well as swimming in the water. Those who are visiting Thailand should take some time exploring Koh Kood as well.



There are several beaches that are worth taking into consideration when visiting Koh Kood. Some of the most popular beaches from the island are the Prao Beach, Bang Bao Beach, Ta Tin Beach, Takian Beach and Tapao Beach. They have one of the finest sand out there and the beaches themselves are very clean. What is also great about these beaches is the fact that those who are willing to get into the water and diver a little deeper can see the sea weed that is very beautiful and very colorful. Also, it is worth exploring the surroundings as well.


To get to Koh Kood island tourists need to take a boat. They will get there in a matter of hours but it will be worth the trip. The island itself is very beautiful and it has mountains as well as some bays. There is a famous bay there that it is worthwhile a visit. It is called Khlong Chao Bay. Here people have the opportunity of taking a swim in it and they can be sure that they will have a great time doing it. Also, tourists will have a great view of the entire island from above.


Koh Kood Island can be explored very well by the tourists that are curious in seeing what is out there. They can hire a driver and they can get a car and start exploring the island. They will be very happy to see a lot of wild animals as well as a lot of exotic trees. There are several coconut trees and palm trees there and they protect people from the sun. Also, those who are waiting for something beautiful to happen in this place can remain on the beach and watch the sunset or even the sunrise. It will be something that will stick with them for a lifetime.


So, those who are thinking about visiting Koh Kood Island should make sure that are going to have a very nice time. There is also a nice waterfall that it is worth the visit. This waterfall is called Nam Tok Khlong Chao. People can actually swim there or they can relax near it. The water is clear and it is kept cold because of the trees that surround it. Those who are looking for something more tranquil can be sure that Koh Kood Island is the best decision that they are going to make.