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image of Koh Chang Island
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About the Island

Crystal clear blue water reflecting both the sky and the mysterious world deep inside- this can be one way to describe the enchanting beauty of Koh Mak Island. It is one of Thailand’s rising holiday destinations. For over the years, Koh Mak has been chosen frequently by local tourists as well as foreign ones who love to be at Thailand for memorable holidays!



Koh Mak Island: The Place to Be

Koh Mak Island is located on the south of Koh Chang Islands- the favorite name in natural tourist spots of Thailand. Koh Mak has a long, beautiful beach of white sand to welcome the people coming here to bask in its glory. A few hills and lots of coconut tress give the island the minimalist look and leave the visitors open to the vastness of the untamed sea! The name Koh Mak is a derivation from the Areca nut in Thai language. The Koh Mak Island is still not as urbanized as the surrounded ones and the simplicity it offers keeps it on top of the list of most travelers.


Koh Mak Island: The Call of Tranquility

Since the island is still “under-construction” to be turned into a happening holiday destination, the one thing the Koh Mak Island has better than others is the peace! The places are still not that busy and buzzing like the other islands popular as Thai tourist spots. The people here are quiet in nature and hospitable to the ones visiting them. The raw natural beaches with no sign of modernization can be good places to practice Zen and take a break from the rushes. The basic lifestyle of the people with a caring and innocent smile will leave anyone mesmerized. Though the place is getting in line to be overwhelmed with the upgraded tourism facilities, it will always drag the attention of the visitors seeking tranquility to its dreamy sandy beaches!


Koh Mak Island: Getting Cozy with Nature

Though the Koh Mak Island does not have fancy hotels and night life to dazzle its visitors; the places to stay are not at all to be worried about. There are some amazingly cozy and surprisingly affordable resorts to check in here with simple yet warm services. The restaurants serve with the traditional Thai foods mainly but the most of the menus go international. Koh Mak is an island to lie down in the comforting sun, enjoy the pure beaches and feel good about living. All the facilities needed to get all these are right in hands for the tourists to savor a trip of a lifetime here, at Koh Mak!