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image of Koh Chang Island
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Geographical Location

The declaration of Mu Koh Chang as national park was formally granted on December 31, 1982. This made the chain of islands the 45th national park in Thailand. This group of islands is situated in the eastern seaboard of Gulf of Thailand and approximately 8 kilometers away from coast of Trat Province’s western side, southeastern region of Thailand and close to the border with Cambodia. It runs parallel to the coast and appears very mountainous from the shore due to the mountain ridge which covers the length of the islands.


Island Composition and Coverage

Mu Koh Chang National Park is composed of over 42 large and small islands.  The most prominent island of Mu Koh Chang is Koh Chang. It is mainly because of its large size and influence in the eco-tourism business in the area. Koh Chang is considered the third largest island in Thailand next to Phuket and Koh Samui, respectively.  The mountain ridge of Mu Koh Chang National Park is composed of several summits of Khao Lan, Khao Chom Prasat, Khao Khlong Mayom, Khao Salak Phet and the highest peak of Khao Yai which is reaching 743 meters above sea level. The rocks of the islands comprising Mo Koh Chang are mostly granitic and dated approximately around 200 million years ago. The geology is generally mountainous with rounded slopes.  The park covers a total area of 650 square kilometers of which about 458 square kilometers or 70% is Marine.



Mu Koh Chang National Park is generally affected and conditioned by two seasons whole year round. They are the wet and dry season. Wet or rainy season usually happens from June to February. It is the time of the year when occasional rains or heavy downpours are commonly occurred or experienced. The wet season is triggered by the southwest monsoon. The dry season is the time of northwest monsoon to bring a warm temperature. It is an occurrence that happens from March to May. Hot weather usually falls in the month of April. As one of the favorite tourist destinations of Thailand, the availability and accommodation of resorts and hotels are greatly affected by the climate.


Getting there

Mu Koh Chang National Park is easy to reach. The receiving point of tourists or people coming from Laem Ngop piers of Trat Province is normally at Thao Dan Kao and Thao Ferry Dan Kao piers both located on the eastern side of Koh Chang. It takes 45 minute ferry ride from Laem Ngop to Koh Chang ferry terminal.  And from Koh Chang ferry terminal public or private transport is waiting to take tourists or visitors to their respective destination.


Distinct Features

As a protected national park, Mu Koh Chang is home to diverse marine life being 70% of its total area is marine covered. The tropical environment of the park features the fusion of land and sea treasures which are at risk of destruction due to some factors which are both natural and human in origin.


Entrance Park fee

The fees are Bt40 for Thai adults, Bt200 for foreigners, Bt20 for Thai children and Bt100 for foreign children.