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Transfer by Airplane

A new description of travelling have been introduced from the travelers as for the sake of their comfort so they can move with ease. People who often travel between Bangkok and Koh Chang must use the flights as they cannot attain comfort but also save their time.


Airlines are the best choice for those who want to reach in a quick manner. To facilitate people Bangkok Airways have been introduced so that the travelers can spend the best moments in flight. On daily basis three times flights take off in especially in peak season (Nov- March).  So guys if are planning to visit your treasuring island Koh Chang this year then make your booking in advance to avoid any obstacle.


Moreover you would in just 55minutes reach your destination as well as also enjoy the fully cabin service with a delightful meal and beverage. At your arrival airport it’s no further difficult to approach the beautiful island. Because the next you have options to carry  a taxi or a minibus it depends on your own choice and family members. However at departure from trip for trat Airport you need to reach 3 hours before. This short journey between Trat airport will never miss you out the moments as as you rather feel convenient and stress free. Travelers who have short times for visits Airplane travelling is the superb way to see the wonderful islands of Thailand.


If you are planning to travel in high season then you will embark PG303, PG305, PG304, and PG306, works in high season. PG301, PG302,PG307 & PG308 are sometimes scheduled to depart an hour earlier. S though traveling by plane is somehow costly and you will be charged 2500-3000 Baht per person, prices also depend on your travelling time if you will travel in high season it will be charged more because during peaked season flights are rarely full. So make it in your range and book your luxurious flight on the Bangkok Airways website.


From - to Departure time
Bangkok to Trat Airport 09.00, 10.05, 11.00, 12.05, 14.45, 15.50, 17.30
Trat Airport to Bangkok 10.35, 11.30, 12.35, 13.30,6.20, 17.15, 19.05
Samui to Trat Airport 14.20
Trat Airport to Samui 16.15

Travelling between Trat Airport & Koh Chang

The cost of a one way transfer between Trat Airport and Koh Chang are given below. For a return trip just double to price.


Type of car Persons Price
Shared Minivan price for 1 person 400 bath/person
Private Taxi 3 2,000 bath
Private Minibus 10 2,500 bath