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Western Wedding

KC Grande Resort & Spa

KC Grande Resort & Spa





Outdoor or Indoor Wedding Ceremony - 61,000 THB.-net

These are included:
- All venues set up for ceremony and party. Bride and groom name plate.
- Venue flower decoration for ceremony and party. Included floral arch.
- Flower bouquet for the bride.
- Large flower corsage for the groom.
- Hair dressing and making up.
- Marriage certificate from the resort, non official.
- Wedding Music (CD player) playing background.
- Professional photographer + 100 pictures print and 1 CD for ceremony and party.
- 1 Night honeymoon ornament suite + in – room breakfast for couple.
- 1 Official Minister to perform the ceremony.
- Offering package for minister and chapel donation.
- 3 Pounds wedding cake.
- 1 bottle sparkling wine.
- Master of ceremony and party.


More info:

KC Grande Resort & Spa

1/1 Moo 4 Bann Haad Sai Khao, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang (Trad), Thailand
Phone : +66 (0) 3955-2111
: +66 (0) 3955-1394


published: 08.03.2012


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