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Koh Chang Fishing Tour

Koh Chang Game Fishing is a European managed company that provides quality fishing tours in and around the Koh Chang archipelago.


Most people who even reside next to the beaches have always had an interest in fishing. However, most of the times this dream dies in their hearts due to lack of better fishing grounds. In case you are among those who have interest in this interesting activity, Koh Chang Fishing Tour is the best way to do it. This tour will take you to the most enjoyable and fulfilling fishing activity that you have never had experienced in your entire life. Professionals who know the best fishing grounds and methods around the Koh Chang archipelago provide the tour to you. In fact, the tour will give you an opportunity of taking part in some of the fishing activities that you have only seen in movies and documentaries.


On the Koh Chang fishing tour, you can learn the different fishing methods practically and watch various species of fishes which are available on the Koh Chang fishing grounds. The boat crew that take you on the tour, always make sure that you enjoy every bit of this activity. Even if you need to extend your fishing tour to fun cruise and snorkeling, the crew is always ready to ensure that you enjoy completely. In fact, the captain who will take you through the tour is one of the renowned Koh Chang anglers who is familiar with the best fishing grounds for tourists.


To offer you the best fishing tour experience, the boat is custom built for deep-sea fishing. It is also well equipped with modern marine technology and high quality fishing gears. Besides, there are also special safety kits on the boat so that all those on board are well covered against any risks that might occur at sea. During the tour, you can catch barracuda, snappers and rock cod among other numerous fish species available around the Koh Chang water bodies.

published: 08.03.2012