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Cooking School Koh Chang

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions.

The Thai Cuisine is considered as one of the delicious cuisines worldwide. Koh Chang cooking school, which was established back in 2000 offers various classes on how to prepare various Thailand delicacies from naturally grown herbs and vegetables in the region. The thai cuisine encompasses mixing various types of Asian traditions with emphasis on light preparations with unique aromatic components. Strong aromatic elements give the cuisine spiciness synonymous with Thai foods. Thai cuisine will not be complete without the balance, variety provision and detailing. A basic Thai meal comprise at least three taste senses including bitter, sour, salty and sweet.


At the school, tourists can take different classes on growing various different types of Thai ingredients, how to prepare them in readiness for cooking, how to combine them to give a specific taste and how to present them in Thai style. More than often, you will be allowed to eat your own cooking. A single class may involve preparing up to 5 dishes at the same time. The dishes may include an appetizer, Soup, curry paste, rice or noodle dishes, fried dishes, spicy salad and finally a dessert. One of the most important things to employ when preparing the Thai cuisine is the use of the smell and taste senses.



Course A (9am - 1pm) Course B (3 pm - 7 pm) Course C (Sunday)
Pad Thai Spring roll Pad see-euw
Tom-Zam or Tom Kha Tom YamGoong or Tom-KhaGai Pha-goong
Making Curry Paste Making Curry Paste Lab gai
Pa-Naeng / Yellow Curry / Red Curry Green Curry / massaman / Red Curry Papaya salad
Fried cashew nuts Fried hot basil Pad prew whan
Sticky rice with mangoes Banana in coconut milk Sticky rice pudding / mangoes


Other things you may be able to learn at the school are the different types of Thailand meal courses, how they are prepared and what to be included in each course. The two major courses are the Arun-sawas and Sayan Sawas courses. The Arun sawasa course is usually served at around 10.00 in the morning and the Sayan Sawas is served at around 4.00 in the evening. The cost of theese classes is averagely 1,200 Baht inclusive of transportation to and from your resort or accommodation facility.


published: 08.03.2012


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