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Elephant Trekking

There are two Elephant Camps in Koh Chang. One in Klong Prao managed by Chang Chutiman Company and other in a jungle valley in the north of Koh Chang.

Tour of Thailand  can never be complete without elephant trekking on its wildlife and nature rich islands and mountains. Many tour companies in Koh Chang today offer exclusive elephant riding expedition down through the mountainous villages and forests. Depending on your needs, the rides can vary between a few hour rides for sightseeing to a number of days trekking incorporated with numerous activities including rafting, mountain biking, hiking or any other activity that you will be interested in. On an average, a days elephant trekking will cost around $40.


In Koh-Chang, there are two major elephant trekking camps, one on the northern side of the island in a jungle and another at Klong Prao. Both camps offer day elephant trekking as well as several days expeditions to the north. The Koh-Chang's Ban Kwan Chang sometimes known as the Klong Son Elephant camp is coordinated with the famous Asian Elephant. The area provides natural elephant environment for harmonious co-existence with nature and the mahouts. This camp opens at around 8.30 in the morning to provide a three hour elephant tour till 11.30am. The tour includes elephant bathing performances and feeding. Later, from around 1.30 in the afternoon, forest elephant trekking is offered to the tourist. Each session takes around one hour. You can participate in all the elephant feeding and washing or simply watch as the guides prepare the elephant prior to your riding. Later, get onto the elephant back and enjoy a ride through the Thailand clear jungles and later watch the elephant bathing in the jungle water stream.


A 900 Baht cost includes all the trekking expenses such as your transportation from and to the resort, drinking water along with some coconut purchases which you can use to later feed the elephant. Elephant trekking and riding is one of the most adventurous and fun filled activities you will find in Koh-Chang.


published: 08.03.2012


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