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image of Koh Chang Island
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Tree Top Adventure in Koh Chang

At koh chang tree adventure you will walk on beautiful trees with breathtaking views, you will experience new sensations never felt before. From one platform to another…from tree to tree.

Thailand is famous for its rain forests that may seem static, but have become a big source of adventure. Life in the city can be noisy and hectic. Vacation in Koh Chang ensures complete relaxation and serenity. This is the place where the body and mind becomes one. For those people who are just interested in serenity, then the view and the clean air will captivate them. The problems of heat wave or even pollution will not become a hindrance during your vacation. Sun will definitely be coveted because of the rain in that area and the coolness of the place is worth it.


Several activities can be carried out in the rain forests, main attraction being the tree walk. Physical exercise is healthy for both the body and mind. The variety will cause anyone to be spoilt for choice. There are rope bridges for those who are fascinated with balance and are not afraid of heights. Then there are flying skateboards for the individuals who are thrilled by high adrenaline adventures, daring people will definitely love the tight ropes that they have to walk on. Something interesting about all these activities is that they are carried out high off the ground. The ropes are tied from one end of a tree to the other one.


Safety is paramount when these activities are being carried out. Before people are allowed to participate in the activities, the tenacity of the ropes has to be tested. It does not matter if the installation has been declared to be safe its testing is mandatory. Harnesses are provided for the whole adventure. They support the wearer and prevent them from falling. A harness without a carabineer is not safe at all. this is because it connects the harness to the rope. Pulleys are used to keep the rope safe when it is in motion and avoid friction, which may cause the rope to cut.


published: 06.10.2011