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Diving Endeavors in Koh Chang

The weather conditions in Thailand, especially Koh Chang are ideal for learning diving.

Koh Chang accommodates all types of divers. There are those divers who have just discovered their passion for diving and are in the process of learning diving. Then there are those who have perfected their diving skill over time and challenge themselves to dive deeper and enjoy this activity. The depths of diving are between 5m and 30m. Therefore, those interested in diving at the Koh Chang should know their limits. Experienced divers can go as deep as 30 meters and those who are amateur divers can also enjoy diving in koh chang by starting with 5-meter dives.


The weather in Thailand is very favorable for diving during whole year. Harsh weather discourages diving and can make the whole experience dangerous. No wonder Koh Chang is being deemed amongst the best five diving places. The weather does not limit anyone from diving and if it is too dangerous, then the divers will be asked to wait until the weather becomes appropriate. The stillness of the water makes it almost look like an aquarium, because of the beautiful weather.


Richness of the Koh Chang diving water attracts many people. Many sea animals amaze anyone who sees them especially the water animal enthusiasts. An instrumental fact is the availability of different types of corals that attract these beautiful water creatures. Some of the corals are leather, spiny and Fan corals Gorgonians, whip and leather corals. The whale shark creates a lot of buzz because of its nature and it does not appear all through the year. Divers who are interested in them can only see them during April and May. Other sea animals of interest are; the surgeonfish, reef sharks, lionfish, leatherback turtles, groupers, triggerfish and even great barracudas.

published: 06.10.2011


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