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image of Koh Chang Island
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Kayak Expeditions

Nothing can beat the adventure of kayaking in Koh Chang on totally strange water bodies, exploring new exciting things and places. If you are looking for some great sea kayaking experiences, then definitely, Koh Chang is the right place for you. 


The location offers an amazingly spectacular island scenery, mountain and coastal scenery to experience the most fulfilling adventure of your life.


Strategically located on the southern part of Thailand, the island offers a lot especially for those who love exploring new places. If you are an adventurous, then this is the best way to quench your thirst for some of the greatest adventure spots. There are several agencies providing kayaking packages in koh chang. You can enjoy kayaking and other adventure activities in groups. With large groups, you can get very good kayaking deals and packages.


Six participants can take part in a single kayaking expedition. A highly trained, professional team of guides with massive experience will ensure that all of your kayaking needs are fulfilled. The equipment and support facilities are also top notch to ensure that you get more kayaking adventure than you initially bargained for. With the rich Thailand wildlife, the kayaking adventure can make you watch the rare Great Hornbill, magnificent Eagle or even the flying fish during the expedition. Get the safest and most fun filled kayaking adventure with your family and friends at Koh Chang.


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published: 06.10.2011