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image of Koh Chang Island
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Who does not want a honeymoon to cherish forever? For the couples who love to mix adventure with romance, Koh Chang can be an ideal option. To discover nature at its best while discovering each other, honeymoon at Thailand, especially at Koh Chang islands can surely be one lifetime experience.


( Photos by: Koh Chang Photographer )


Honeymoon at Koh Chang: The Bedazzling Beaches

The first thing that comes both in mind and in Google images when we talk about Koh Chang is its lovely white sandy beaches. Adorned with coconut and other trees, the beaches are the jewels for this honeymoon paradise. The hotels, huts and restaurants are built surrounding the beaches to give the travelers a great sea-side experience. For couples on honeymoon, the beaches and the services available here are the prime attractions. Whether it is the scuba diving or snorkeling, tanning at beach chairs or cruising on yachts, there is always a great beach activity available for honeymoon couples with any types of budgets.


Honeymoon at Koh Chang: Staying with Serenity

From luxury hotels to cost-saving tents, Koh Chang has a variety of staying options to offer for the honeymoon couples. The residing facilities have been planned and developed keeping in mind the various kinds of budgets of the tourists. Beachside bungalows, hotels, huts, tents, flats and many other options are available for the couples at their honeymoon to choose from. Most of these staying places are adjacent to restaurants, markets and nightlife options to provide with the absolute delight. Many hotels and resorts include spas to have even more relaxing and refreshing start of the new life for the honeymoon celebrators at Koh Chang!


Honeymoon at Koh Chang: Foods, Fun and More


No extra introduction is needed for the famous Thai cuisine. At Koh Chang restaurants and other dining places, the menu is set to impress the tourists and especially the honeymoon couples. The exotic taste of Thai food taken in a special candle light dinner for two at a lonely seaside table- what can sound more romantic than that? Besides the amazing restaurants, the love birds at honeymoon can try the vibrant nightlife Koh Chang has to offer. When we talk about foods and parties, it is impossible to skip the drinks! Smoothies, cocktails or hard drinks; all of them are available with great serving and pricing to enjoy the honeymoon even more!

Honeymoon at Koh Chang: Adventure is Out There


For the honeymoon couples who love adventure, Koh Chang would be just the place to try. From scuba diving and snorkeling to the fun at Tree Top Adventure Park for treasure hunt, it has it all to thrill the tourist. Cruising in the sea, mysterious boat rides to ancient caves and in between the stony trails, wowing gasps at the wonderful waterfalls, elephant ride and what not is there to make it a honeymoon of a lifetime? All that is needed is to pick the ones to try or it is better to try them all!


Honeymoon is one casket of memories that couples want to savor all life long. If it happens in Koh Chang, they will surely have some pearls of the greatest memories to keep them going all life long!