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For the people who love to explore new horizons, physical disability should hardly be an obstacle in today’s world. Thailand is one of the most frequently picked destinations for holidays by travelers all over the world. Thailand’s Koh Chang is one of the most promising spots where people with physical challenges or disability can make a nice peaceful trip.


beach wheelchair
beach wheelchair

Visiting Koh Chang: Special Transportation Considering Disability

For tourists from abroad who have some physical disability, it is always suggested to pre-decide or fix the means to use for transportation through out Koh Chang. The travel agents or tourism companies based on both Thailand or overseas can arrange that. For local tourists with disability, it is also important to choose the type of transport that is both affordable and comfortable for them. A Bangkok Airways flight will carry visitors with disability with great care to Trat, and then personal minibuses, vans, taxis or limousines can be rented to ferry them to Koh Chang. For transportation within Koh Chang, some hotels and car rentals have special mini vans and cars for easy wheel chair access on rent for tourists with disability.


Visiting Koh Chang: Residing and Services for People with Disability

Koh Chang has a variety of options when it comes to residing the tourists. For travelers with disability, personal bungalows and huts of resorts can be a wise choice. Some Koh Chang hotels also provide specialized services for boarders with disability like large doors, gateway and sideway for wheel chairs, car service and many more. Generally, the touring agents help out to pick such services. Tourists with disability can also hire a full-time nurse, attendant or other service providers to assist them through out the tour at Koh Chang.


Visiting Koh Chang: Activities and Recreations for People with Disability

The reason that Koh Chang is preferred by the travelers with disability is that it has long beautiful sandy beaches to roam on wheel chair and have a tranquil time. The beachside restaurants and juice or drink bars offer easy access to food and drink for tourists with disability and those are greatly affordable too. The visitors with disability can enjoy an amazing cruise on a cruiser or yacht to discover the exquisiteness of the islands and sea. Some tour management services at Koh Chang also provide with helicopter rides and people with disability can also try that out. Through out the year, there are many celebrations and festivals arranged locally or in the hotels which can also be enjoyed by the tourists with disability. Koh Chang can also be a shopping place for souvenirs and other stuffs and travelling people with disability can take a trip there.


Besides all these, the thing that makes Koh Chang a great place to visit and have a vacation for people with physical disability is the friendly and helping nature of the locals. Thailand is famous for its hospitality and Koh Chang holds that even more with its unspoiled nature and serene beauty. With a little planning and pre-arrangements, a holiday at Koh Chang can be the best experience ever for the travel-lovers with disability.