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The eastern-most place of Thailand, Koh Chang or the Elephant Island can easily be called the daughter of the Mother Nature! With its scenic beauty and unspoiled greenery, it makes a perfect holiday destination for family & kids. Most tourists with family & kids prefer a place with fewer crowds but more to enjoy and that is where Koh Chang hits the mark.



Koh Chang for Family & Kids: Getting in

Koh Chang is in the Trat province of Thailand which has an airport there. For family & kids, getting through a flight of Bangkok Airways is quite easy. Then minibuses transport them to hotels or resorts. The other options for getting in Koh Chang with family & kids are bus services, taxi or limousines on rent and of course all these are ferried to the island! Anyone can choose to boat-ride to Koh Chang with family & kids for some essence of adventure.


Koh Chang for Family & Kids: Checking in

It is always better to book the hotels or the staying place before coming to Koh Chang for a straight check in. Koh Chang has a line of good hotels and resorts, personal huts and bungalows and even tents for tourists with family & kids. The best thing about a vacation at Koh Chang with family & kids is that it is super affordable with quality services. No matter what the accommodation is- a luxury hotel or budget huts, they are not too far from the other service providers. There are numerous restaurants and eating places to try with family & kids at Koh Chang.


Koh Chang for Family & Kids: The Places Not to Miss

Koh Chang is famous for its National Marine Park and no one actually misses going there! It is a great way to explore nature with family & kids. The other natural jewels include the amazing waterfalls named Klong Plu, Klong Nongsi, Klong Nueng, Kongoi and Khiri Petch. The War Memorial Monument and the Scientific Center for Education can also be visited with family & kids. Koh Chang offers ecotourism adequately to the family & kids who look for it.


Koh Chang for Family & Kids: Adventures and Activities

Koh Chang has a handful of options for family & kids to thrill and chill through out their trip. Besides the famous diving and snorkeling, there are also cruising, sailing and yachting available for a marine time fun. For land lovers, Koh Chang has Tree Top Adventure Park, cave exploration, biking and trekking or elephant and horse riding in store. For the family & kids who just want to relax, the white sandy beaches are never on the rest!


Koh Chang for Family & Kids: Medical and Other Services

For minor cases, the hotels and residing places at Koh Chang have their first aid services available for family & kids. If any serious problems occur, it is always suggested to go for international hospitals in Trat or in Bangkok for best treatments. Other services like travel agents, insurance and more are available nearby the hotels or beaches to get information or help and support in hand.


Koh Chang has become one of Thailand’s most promising tourist spots for family & kids from home and aboard. Its nature, people and everything around seems to welcome the family & kids with a warm heart for great memories!



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