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Koh Chang Blog

Koh Chang offer a variety of activities: from adventure to relaxing

If your idea of a good vacation is relaxing in a far off island were no one knows you and chances of bumping into people everywhere&anywhere are minimal, then you should go to the Koh Chang Island. Located in the eastern part of Thailand, Koh Chang is not just a sandy beach with a beautiful blue sea, it has got amazing sites and a remarkable landscape.

There are countless things to do while in Koh Chang. Some of them are:

  1. Learn how to put together a wonderful Thai dish by enrolling yourself in any of the different cooking schools there.
  2. For those that would like to relax and get pampered, there are several massage palours and spa's that will completely take off the stress/fatigue and get you relaxed.
  3. You can also have an unforgettable, once in a lifetime elephant ride by visiting the elephant camp.
  4. Go Kayaking or Canoeing to break off some sweat while keeping fit. There are also deep sea diving classes offered for those that would love to go underwater diving.
  5. You can also take a tour of the Island and get to see the beaches around and also view the beautiful scenery found at any of the six waterfalls Koh Chang has.
  6. Those that love adventure and the great outdoors, you can have a guided trek of the jungle and get to see the different species that have found home in Koh Chang.
  7. Go rock climbing in the long rocky mountains which have proven to give a fair challenge to all that climbed them. You can also go tree climbing and get to enjoy the beautiful view from the tree tops.

Beauty has never had a better definition than the Koh Chang island. There are also shops where you can go shopping, restaurants that offer different Thai cuisines and a large selection of bars for your nights and if you would like to shake a leg. For hotels to stay in, you get to choose from a wide range and all have got their special offers to their guests. So, rest assured you will never lack a good place to sleep while in Koh Chang.