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Main Attractions In Koh Chang And The Travel Guide

Visiting one of the largest among 52 islands in Thailand is a great achievement in life. There is a lot to see in these islands, but your need to be choosy when picking your destination. Koh Chang is one of the highly reputed islands that one can visit for holidays or any other vacation. It is located in Trat Province about 300 kilometers from Bangkok and it is also near the Cambodia border. It is mainly covered by unspoiled rainforests and tourism has become the source of income with hundreds of Thais and foreigners visiting the island on daily basis.


There are numerous attractions in Koh Chang and you should be ready to experience a lot once you visit the island. Many people are attracted to the unspoiled rainforest. With the increased cases of deforestation, many people come to see this large forest that cover a large part of the  region.


These rainforest gives the region a natural beauty that not many parts of the world can offer. Those who are attracted to wildlife can also see wide range of animals in the island. The national park is known to offer different types of wildlife from snakes, deer, native birds and a large number of elephants. While in the parks, you can also enjoy different kind of activities. You can jungle hike, snorkeling, diving and camping to name but a few attraction activities. Beaches are the other attraction in the island.  There are numerous beautiful and serene beaches that you can visit each day and enjoy yourself. You can visit the White Sand Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Klong Phrao among many others.


Many people fret about accommodation in new destinations. If you are visiting Koh Chang for the first time you should not worry about where to stay. Many visitors and residents stay at Haad Kai Mook, Haad Sai Khao, Laem Bang Bao and Haad Ta Nam to name but a few locations. As you enjoy yourself in the island, you will also come across exceptional events and festivals organized by the natives. There are many activities that you can do when you visit the island from mountain biking, elephant trekking to canoeing and kayaking. Then you can pay a visit and enjoy yourself always.



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