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Experience the Beauty of Koh Chang

A visit to Thailand is not complete without setting foot on the most beautiful island Koh Chang. This is where tourists go to relax and enjoy themselves. There are wonderful resorts that are also very affordable offering comfort and luxury at the same time. This way you are able to feel as though you are home away from home.


There are a lot of things to do in Koh Chang which include Chakras or Reiki balancing, Chartering a sailing boat, taking sea kayaking trips that are guided, elephant treks, snorkeling, yoga practicing, jungle trekking and many other interesting activities. There are many waterfalls to be seen in the island both in the eastern southern and western sides. Some of the things that can be handy when it Koh Chang include books of different languages, equipment for snorkeling and diving and also magazines that will offer first hand information on what to do when in the island. All these are available at affordable rates.


The foods are also very delicious especially seafood considering that Koh Chang is surrounded by water. The restaurants offer evening views that are very romantic with the best wine available in different fruit flavors. Some of the most common fruity flavors include pineapple, mangosteen and grape. Some of the best restaurants in this area include Apple which is considered the cheapest bar cum restaurant. Its location is very convenient being at the center of the beach. There is also the Rock Sand Restaurant that offers both Western and Thai foods.


If you are looking for a place to relax when in Thailand, Koh Chang is the best place. Here, you not only get to view your most favorite wildlife, you also get to carry out some activities that you prefer the most. When it comes to shopping, this is the perfect place to get funky fashion styles for ladies.