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Koh Chang Guide to Top Notch Resorts

Koh Chang has many resorts that are absolutely breathtaking. Location of these resorts tend to determine the kid of view they will have though they have one thing in common, they are all beautiful. Examples of some of these resorts are;

  • Chivapuri Beach Resort- Beach lovers will definitely want to try this resort. It is found towards the South West part of Koh Chang. Couples looking for a romantic atmosphere should stay in this resort because it happens to have a private beach. Celebrities or dignitaries who want to enjoy themselves without anyone prying will love this resort. Vacationers who want peace whilst enjoying themselves in the beach will fall in love with its serenity.
  • Sea View Resort and Spa- nature enthusiasts will love this resort because water and cliffs surround it. It has a huge beach that can accommodate many people without anyone feeling cramped up. The size of the beach encourages the idea of throwing beach parties, surfing and beach ball competitions. Rooms of resort are fully equipped with entertainment devices, snacks and each room has its own balcony! Amazing masseuses are at the beck and call of the guests of the resort because it also has a spa. There are two swimming pools each with a lifesaver and service team ready to make the stay even more comfortable.
  • Chang Park Resort- This resort is not far from the Koh Chang Island its only a thirty minute ferryboat ride. The view in this place is heavenly. Nature is well represented by the green soft grass perfect for picnics. Many flower gardens are spread out thus enhancing the floral scent in the environment. Food served in the resort is both local and western thus accommodating all sorts of guests.