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Chang, "is to try to" solve the traffic jam on the island.

On January 26, 2555 at the Miss Read witty parrot-Trad provincial governor has called for state agencies related to traffic management on the island. After a local newspaper headline in red that The outcry in the public sector.

According to Mr. Mark Thorn University transport academic experts. Placenta Trat province, Mr. Eden I suspect the director of the Office of Rural Trad police have Sujin's Deputy Commander, Police Sports, Koh Chang, Trat ?kk.sp. Acting Chief HE Mr Thana experience. Mr. Chang, Vice Mayor Tt disciplined lives. Mr. Chang Western Center Executive Ratanawong ferry. Agents taxi / minibus - passenger van. Executive Hotels - Resorts.

Mr. Mark Chang the road two lanes wide and only 6 meters, and some are prone to the damage during the holidays, several consecutive days, the visitors into the island by car, more than 1,000 vehicles per day. make a trip to Koh Chang, the ferry to transport vehicles during loading and unloading problems. Car stuck on the road for hours. And sometimes more than 6 km long, especially in the checkout next to the car can not move.

Experimental practice to the car park at Laem district, the project "is to try to" solve the problem with public transport on the island, not to encourage car users to drive across the island.

The approach to visitor car park on the shore. The ferry terminal will provide a place to park. Trad local police and the owner will take care of security. And tourists who have not booked a shuttle from the resort in advance on the island can take minibus or a taxi service - second row. The prices listed. Van or bus service, the resort will not come out for the tourists who are not customers. Approach to reduce traffic congestion around ferry port also has several other benefits.

Parking in accordance with the guidelines above. Do not be worried about security. The police set up checkpoints to prevent the extraction point is. The park's ferry island's security staff with international standards. Newport Beach has provided information to the parking area outside the center of the shadow or not, it may notify the owner is concerned, the heat from the burning sun or rain. May not be willing to participate. The governor of Bangkok, which was to find a solution to.