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Paradise life while staying at Koi Wai Paradise Island

Ko Wai lsland is considered as the Secret Paradise Island in Thailand. Having finest beaches of the world, Thailand’s this island is no doubt one of its class. The coral reef and the calm beach with serene, placid atmosphere make it best to relax in vacations. Staying at Ko Wai Paradise is just like a dream comes true. It is near to the Koh Chang.


Staying at Ko Wai Paradise reveals that it is a bungalow operation on the island. The bungalows are constructed around 20 m away from the beach but facing the beach so that tourists can enjoy and relish the time they are going to spend here. This island is a lonely one due to lack of development. The bungalows offer accommodation at 250-300 Bahts. A person should have to visit this please for once.


The island has 2 beaches. The bungalows facing towards the beach are built on the stilts in hill side. On The bungalows have bathrooms outside the rooms. But bathrooms are properly facilitated with modern things like exclusive bath-tab, shower, basin and others. You will get enjoy hot water and cold water at any time. Bathroom is really unique and well decorated.


Newer designs include balconies. There are varieties of facilities for the visitors. The bungalow offers single and family accommodation. Moreover, internet facility is so much nice here because Wi-Fi is totally free here. There is a restaurant in this Paradise Island which is the most convivial on this island. Various types of foods like Thai, Chinese, and Asian foods are easily found here. If you desire to get any item, you have to just order to them and you will get your food item within hour. Just you have to wait up to finishing cooking. All chefs are well-trained so that you can enjoy delicious foods here.



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