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Quiet Koh Chang and Busy Phuket: Pick Your Choice

Koh Chang and Phuket belong to the same country of Thailand. They are known as favorite tourism hubs among local and international tourists. Both have their distinct and unique features to entice or attract different kinds of people from all over the world. But when you heard others say that Koh Chang is better than Phuket, you might think in what way knowing at the back of your mind that in terms of existence or development Phuket is far ahead of Koh Chang. The edge of Koh Chang lies in the preference of people. When someone is after of a place where he or she can take a hideaway from urban living, then Koh Chang is better than Phuket. The choice is between quiet Koh Chang and busy Phuket.


As Phuket is characterized aside by beaches, it is crowded by the presence of malls, discothèques, bars, nightlife activities, shops and other entertainment establishments are thriving in great numbers. Whereas in Koh Chang, you can have the experience of a quiet life and enjoy the natural set up without much disturbances. You can still have the grasp of rural living as there are communities living in the island who are still doing their own way of fishing, farming and other traditional way of doing things.


So when you find Koh Chang better than Phuket, it is along in its natural setting. The island of Koh Chang is a recognized National Marine Park and it is along with its neighboring small and big islands are under the protection of Mu Koh Chang National Park. At Koh Chang anyone can have the opportunity to appreciate the protected rainforests and surroundings of the island especially when the hotel or accommodation is situated near the foot of the hills. Unlike in Phuket where the island is considerably flat and everything comes almost for commercial purposes.  That makes others choose over for quiet Koh Chang and busy Phuket for some who love to party around.



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