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Understanding Thailand's Girls

Thailand is famous for its spas, massage parlors, bars and the beautiful places to give visits to. It has a rich variable culture; depending on where one is. It is easy to stay in Thailand but not easy to get acquaintance with the people. It is one of the best places to visit with family.


Religion: Buddhism is practiced about 95%. The rest minorities include Muslims, Christians mostly.


Food: rice meals, noodle soups, spicy salads are commonly sold. The meals in restaurants are also not a burden on one’s pocket. Here food is really cheap but does have a quality. Rice is offered with almost every meal. Snacks and sweets are also liked by them.


People: people are cooperative, friendly, fun loving, relaxed. They don’t get involved in conflicts. Discipline is a must at work places. They are however not creative.


Climate: it has a sub-tropical climate. Temperature in summer rises up to 40 degrees. In winters temperature lowers down to 10 degrees. Summer lasts from March-June; winter is from November to February. And in between lies the rainy and dry seasons. Winter time is the best and the most pleasant time of the country, attracting tourists.


Family: compared to western culture, a stronger family life is seen here.  Parents are obeyed a lot, children are loved and cherished. The old man of the family is the head of the family. All members listen to him, and do whatever he says.


Having Relation with Thai Girls while spending quality time in Thailand, one needs not to care about things. However when it comes to getting involved to a Thai girl, problem may arise. The culture, language, customs, and way of living, mentality of other person, money, and family; in short every aspect can hinder in any way. So be careful when having or intending to have a relation with any girl. Let’s talk about some of the problems:


Culture: Cultural values mean a lot to Thai girls. They are not open like west. They like to be with family. Western people who are attracted to them are lacking this factor. Their family is present until you turn 18.after that it’s your life without any interference.


Language: misunderstanding occurs as Thai girls even if knows English well can’t differentiate between some vocabulary and grammar.  It can create problems in a romantic relationship. The solution seems to be date a girl who has poor English.

Family: Thai girls rate family always at top. In between their relationship and family, it’s the family who gets high point. If you are serious with the girl, than you have to meet her family and be nice to them.


Money: Thai girls don’t like to be working lady all the time. They want their partners to take care of them physically and financially while they do domestic works. Western people are not accustomed to this as both partners work in west.



Phuket: it is one of the most popular places for tourists with beautiful white sand beach.

Pattaya: it is located along Thailand have 300 hotels, which suit every type of family visiting the city. There are also markets and shopping center.

KohSamui: it has large number of hotels along beach. Stay, eat, enjoy while appreciating the beauty of white sand.

Bangkok: the city has magnificent temples and shrines. These religious buildings are captivating enough to catch one’s attention.

Koh Chang: it is an island with majority of the area being undiscovered. Its specialty is its marine national park. It is the perfect place for people who want to have quiet and tranquil vacations.