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Koh Chang Blog

Introducing Koh Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island. Koh Chang also means ‘Elephant Island’. This name comes from the elephant shape of its headland. The island has an area of roughly 217 square kilometers. Contemporary there are nine villages on the island. Difference between Koh Chang and other island is that Koh Chang is a “real” island. It is not just a dot on the map. Scenery and wilderness is substantial. This island is also very renowned because of its cascades of waterfalls which add to its beauty.


Weather attracts tourists and locals throughout the year as it is incredible. Cool breeze surrounds the island at night while at day sun shines making day light and healthy. Humidity is very husky that one can walk hundred meters outdoors without any need of having shower or bath. When all of the Europe is beneath the kisses of white snow one feels satisfied with exquisite and engaging weather in Koh Chang.


One also gets entertained by “boat trips”. The boat named as KonTiki. These boat trips are economical and in budget for everyone. It costs 250B per person to Ko Phayam and other nearby islands. Lunch is also included in this trip of 250B. Dive trips are also possible for the people who are intrepid in nature and want to do something daring and plucky. Aladdin Dive Cruise, on Ko Chang, runs PADI courses. It also offers range of live-abroad Dive safaris. Without wasting any time book a trip to “Similan Island” and “Surin Island”. These trips do not cost too much. A three day trip to Surin Island costs 11, 250B and four day trip to Similan Island costs 15, 000B. Book your tickets today and make this trip an enjoyable one that will last forever in your memory.



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