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Attractions of Koh Chang

Koh Chang is next biggest island of Thailand and is situated in the province of Trat about 330 km from the Bangkok. It has several better mountains, spectacular waterfalls and tropical rainforest, this is the perfect place for enjoy his vacations with families and nature lovers.


Slow Life Cycling is a safe tour of bicycle in Koh Chang. Traveling by bicycle is a better way to search Koh Chang as it’s quite better to observe information. The philosophy of their trips will be depending on "living like a local" by riding in several areas of Koh Chang to see culture and experience the living way with attractive scenery all around you. With the tour, the visitor will have a chance of observing local friendly tour guide who will be pleased to show you some other views of Koh Chang. A traveler may be stopped at any place when you are riding if he wants; they won't hurry rider as they are in a placed with a slow-paced lifestyle and if they are searching for an unforgettable and genuine experience of vacation, the rider will have a chance to find it with the management.


The completely equipped Pleasure Cruiser, KonTiki, and the professional crew will make sure that the day trip will be thought of as the better highlights of holiday. The KonTiki has the length of almost 22m with 1 lower and 2 upper decks. This luxurious cruise will take you to around 15 islands and they will stop at 4 of the loveliest islands for snorkeling and to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Chang.


Kon Tiki has the licensed to put on around 100 passengers but to offer luxury and comfort for the travelers they only put maximum of 50 individuals. Their boat has the facility of GPS system, marine radio, echo sounder and several other equipments for the better safety of travelers.



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