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Cruises in Koh Chang

KonTiki which is an Island Cruise will take the passengers past more 15 islands in the Koh Chang Marine Park. KonTiki has the 4 check posts where a passenger can enjoy better swimming; snorkeling or they can only relax in the tropical atmosphere. They daily have a beautiful day out includes everyday gourmet menu in breakfast, lunch. For the enjoyment of travelers, they have completely equipped cocktail bar for serving their favorite cocktails and several famous alcoholic drinks. The complete equipped Kontiki cruiser and their professional crew will make sure about the safety and you’ll be remembered, as the better highlights of you holiday on Koh Chang.


The cruises of Kontiki have the length of almost 22 meters with upper and lower decks. The cruises are also equipped with every latest navigational equipments, echo sounder, GPS System and marine radio to make sure the safety of passengers. The government of Thailand has declared Koh Chang an atmospheric protected area: the sea and her corals are secured, no hotel towers will be constructed, and also they would allow just restricting the motorized boat traffic. This assures the paradisiacal and unspoiled atmosphere of Koh Chang for the future.


You will be astonished by the innocence of the island, not spoilt by extra tourism. The traveler will encounter steel blue sea and snow-white palm beaches, which provide them excellent swimming water. The visitor will find the National Park nearly on his door-step: an unaffected tropical rainforest with better diversifications of tropical dotted and fauna with butterflies and flowers of rare beauty.


KonTiki has the license to carry almost 100-110 passengers. No matter, to offer the quality in comfort and luxury for the visitors every cruise will take a maximum of 45-50 people. Services on board include a kitchen, cocktail bar, BBQ, an AC state room and 2 western style toilets.



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