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Travel Guides in Koh Chang

Koh Chang is known as the most iconic travel place and home to an extra ordinary variety of sights, events and activities. When a person visits this place for the first time, he’ll rapidly be captivated by how fascinating and fun Koh Chang really can be. For those searching for a glance of the Thailand or it can only be a fun night out, Koh Chang joins old charm of world with a vibrant and modern night life.


The west coast has the clearest sea water and best beaches and has observed the quickest development. Famous beaches on the west side contains Hat Sai Khao (White Sand), Klong Son, Klong Prao, Bai Lan, Kai Bae, Bang Bao and Tha Nam (Lonely Beach). The east coast is not more developed but, the roads have been greatly, tourism is easily producing its way towards it. The coast is extremely flat and partly grown over with mangroves. Several accessible spots are fairly rocky.


The climate of Koh Chang is very much tropical. The humid and hot season is in between March to May, with the most blistering month, as in almost every part of Thailand, and when it comes to April when the temperature hits almost 32oC.


In spite of the former governments claimed to bring some more development to Koh Chang into a place for the wealthy and rich, the shortage of infrastructure catering to this plan means that lots of mid range adjustment choices may yet be simply achieved, although there are several luxurious cruises like KonTiki, also resorts can be found as top class hotels. Several adjustments can be achieved with the west coast, with every important beach having a choice of hotels, bungalows and resorts. They also provide the lists of beautiful resorts in close to beaches.



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