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Green Tour at the Island of Koh Chang

Without doubt, Koh Chang is getting much attention in global tourism industry. Any visiting tourist can have the life’s experience of beauty, tranquility and relaxation packed in a natural environment. As an island under the Mu Koh Chang National Park, Koh Chang is a well-preserved paradise making it a perfect hideaway for people who want to escape the busy urban living and the pressures of daily works.


When in Koh Chang, you can have almost any means to discover its beauty, scenes and sights. If you like to see its coastlines in entirety, you can hire a motorized or speed boat to take you around the island. Kayaking can be done when you want to go island hopping the nearby islands. Others would do island touring by hiring vans, coasters or cars. But having them may not be good enough for you to get into some interesting places of Koh Chang at your own pacing.  Exploring the entire island by bicycle tops the best preferred means to do it. Traveling around Koh Chang by bicycle is both beneficial to health and budget. It does not take a fortune to rent a bike. As driven manually, bicycle does not add pollutants such as carbon monoxide or deadly fumes to the environment. It is undeniably healthy to the body.


By having a bicycle, you have all the time to get into Koh Chang’s important places of interest and concern. Without any pressure, you can stop anytime to see beautiful scenes along the way or enjoy the sunset along the beach. This is the philosophy behind  Slow Life Cycling Koh Chang Bicycle Tour. It offers another perspective of experiencing Koh Chang by a pedal. The bicycle gives anyone the opportunity to take into heart the culture of the island and lifestyle of its inhabitants in slow movement.



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