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Welcome to Travel Destination - Thailand

At holiday season, lots of families make a plan to enjoy their vacation at different tourism destinations. Thailand has become most loved tourist country over the decays. There are lots of beautiful destinations at where you can enjoy your vacation with anyone. If you browse over the internet, you will get a clear concept on all tourisms which will help to take decision for enjoying your vacation. Some attractive destinations of Thailand are described here.        


Bangkok: Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it is most preferred place to visit around the world. Most of the tourists from other countries come at Thailand only for Bangkok. This beautiful city is located on the bank of Chao Praya River. There is a good fame of Bangkok and it is known as the home of Asian’s most gorgeous and eye-catching temples. Nearly all people are believer in Buddhism and they are very cooperative. All things are available here that you want. From Thai food to any international food item is available here. Most interesting thing is that there are lots of small stall on road from where you can get Thai food easily. Shopping malls, the largest open-air market, the Grand Palace, Jim Thompson House, tuk-tuks and elephants, traditional Thai and typically Western all are in Bangkok.


Sukhothai: This was the first capital city of the Thailand and it is now one of the tourist destinations for two historic sites – Si Satchanalai and Sukhothai historical parks. Sukhothai is now World Heritage Site which has been declared by UNESCO in 1991. For one day trip this is an excellent tourism in Thailand.

Koh Chang: Thailand is full of lots of beautiful Islands. But koh chang is most excellent among those. It is second largest one in Thailand which is located on Trat province. “Untouched paradise of the Southeast Asia” is another name of koh chang Island. Tourists could not discover many places of koh chang and for this reason it is named “untouched paradise”. There is a reason of becoming eye-catching Island and it is its location. It is surrounded by several mind-blowing Islands. Its white sandy beach, sky-blue crystal water, waterfall, resorts all things have made it more enjoyable than others. Every year thousands of tourists come at this Island to spend leisure time at several times of year. It is now attractive place to all in Thailand.   

Floating Market: Floating market of Thailand is now one of the tourist attractions. It will be found on the Damneon Saduak canal. This floating market is now highly photogenic and you can take a taste of how to tread here. Various types of fresh Thai fruits and vegetables, some unbelievable items are available at this market which you will not get at another market. It is the specialty of this market. If you want to go to this market, you will need to hail down a long and narrow boat (known as canal boat). Floating market of Thailand is completely different attraction around the world. It will be a different experience in your life.


Chiang Mai City: Chiang Mai city has achieved fame as a calmer city than capital city Bangkok. For its tranquil and relaxed atmosphere tourists are coming here more than any previous time. It is jam-packed with eye-catching temples, raft shops, Thai massage enter, cooking school and great restaurants as well. As this city is located at the northern mountainous region, you will get a chance to enjoy hill tracts also here. After all, it is peaceful city of Thailand.