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Exclusive Luxury Adventure Cruise with Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki is a fully equipped Pleasure Cruiser and the boat is 22m long with 2 upper and 1 lower decks. This luxurious cruise will take you to more than 15 islands and will stop at 4 of the most beautiful islands for snorkelling and to enjoy the beautiful beaches.


Kon Tiki is licensed for 100 passengers but to provide comfort and luxury for customers a maximum of only 50 people is taken. The boat is equipped with a GPS system, echo sounder, marine radio and other equipment to provide maximum safety.


You'll be served breakfast, lunch and two afternoon snacks when you take this cruise, so for a start, you don’t have to rush a breakfast in your hotel before your pick-up. The breakfast is English style - cooked eggs with ham and fresh bread. The lunch consists of many European and Asian dishes, so you're bound to satisfy your taste buds on this cruise.

Also included is a fully stocked bar where you can buy beers, wines and Thai cocktails as well as soft drinks. You can take a foot massage and can cool down in the air-conditioned lounge. There is a qualified rescue nurse in case of any medical emergencies.

The snorkelling and sight-seeing is pretty good too, and you can try your luck with the fishing gear that they have on board. The first stop after a 2 hour cruise from Bang Bao is Koh Mak where you can spend 90 minutes relaxing on the beach or having a short explore of the island. On departure from Koh Mak, your lunch will be served, and after an hour or so the boat will make a couple of stops off the small islands close to Koh Rang where you can explore the beautiful warm snorkelling waters. 90 minutes or so of comfortable cruising brings you back to Bang Bao for around 5 pm, and from there a taxi will take you back to your hotel.



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