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image of Koh Chang Island
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Koh Chang Blog

Boating Choice in Koh Chang

This post  will catch up you to delights of the Koh Chang place. To look for more, a traveler of Koh Chang can have a private boat charter to travel towards almost 52 islands that join with each other to make up the Koh Chang Marine National Park. There is not a huge distance towards the South East coast of Koh Chang lies Koh Ngam. It is the island which split in two parts one by a stretch of sand which only a few meters wide. A white sand beach looks Koh Chang to the North, and there is a currently obsolete resort lying here.


Koh Chang marine National Park has several dives placing from Coral pinnacles, to shallow coral reefs and deep wrecks. Visibility is frequently around 30 or 40 meters in peak season. The better time to dive is in October or May, but in season of rain there are almost calm days when most people love to dive.


Chinese Temple

Not known very well but, by some locals, this is the shrine to the Guardian angel of Koh Chang and constructs for some great visit to have the Chinese determination here. Also a traveler may get some better fortune telling here.


Thai Cooking

Possibly the better way of impressing your friends, and frankly – let’s face it, they only came towards your place and looked out for at least 2 hours of photos of your trip. Have some meal which you’ll never forget.


Dine on the Water

Keep your Head down to the Klong Prao River by Aana Resort and there are a boat named KonTiki -and-the choices of dines at some most delicious restaurants. There possibly a choice to have a look on the fireflies but it depends on the season. You need to visit this place.