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image of Koh Chang Island
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Attractions of Koh Chang

There are various good places for snorkeling and most favored diving choices in Koh Chang national Park. Koh Chang is developing daily into an important dive place with several outfits of diving on the island. On the island a person have pickup trucks colored in white who are serving as monopolized public transport. They are the most irritating things which islanders and tourists alike. They are serving both car ferry piers and may carry some luggage on the top! (Ensure they tie it down).


When people leave the island look out for those with a signboard in yellow color in the windshield, just those go to the extent that the piers. Center point is the second dock; they restrict at the pricier Sapparot ferry pier initially. Refreshments can be achieved on board with almost every ferry, basic toilets are also provided.


What everyone like here is a National Park, which is about 70% of the island; the Island is undeveloped, deeply covered with and jungle. They do have beaches of clean water, fresh seafood and several friendly individuals who have not been violated by years of tourist abuse.


They have several small sea side restaurants and lounges, several better beaches with sand for to the extent that a person may observe, elephant trekking, zip lines, kayaking, sea fishing and not to mention few most excellent diving. Diving where there are not around hundred of barges and boats named KonTiki banging jointly like rush hour in Bombay. They do have few best beautiful sunrises and sunsets a person can imagine; they have wild-life and loads of birds.


They do have small villages and various unexplored regions. They have some better nightlife with chill places to go and they have these tremendous rivers that run towards the complete island.