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An Elephant Camp Experience of a Lifetime

Every so often, when one embarks on an exotic holiday, such as that of Koh Chang Island, the difference between them just visiting once and coming back several times, often lies in one or two factors that define their experience.


In the case of Koh Chang Island, there are about a million and one things that could keep visitors coming back for more, year after year, to experience the exoticness of all that comes with the natural beauty of Koh Chang, the unmatched hospitality and get involved in that one activity that really makes your stay, each time.


One such activity of interest is that of visiting Ban Kwang Chang, from where you get to depart and explore the natural beauty of the Koh Chang environment, on elephant back!


This is such a popular activity that even some of the locals of the region take part, which makes the experience all the more valuable since it is endorsed by its very own people as well.


The unique and defining factor of this trip is that you get to learn a lot about the local environment, the culture of the people and of course the elephants themselves, since your trip will be a guided tour with some very knowledgeable tour guides.


Be sure to slap on some old clothes though, which you don't mind getting wet and dirty, since one of the popular stops for the elephant-back guided tour is indeed one of the many rivers flowing through Koh Chang.


We all know that elephants love getting dirty and wet, in the river mud, and this makes for a bonding session between the humans and the elephants, so you will almost definitely get wet and muddy before you make your way back to your base.


To put the cherry on top of everything, the tour guides will arrange to collect you from your base, which takes the headache out of navigating the area yourself, and you don't need to worry about getting lost or have any safety issues.



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