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Visit Koh Chang's White Sand Beach for the Ultimate Holiday Experience

Many people who come to the island of Koh Chang, for a nice holiday, seek the thrill of the nightlife scene, meeting all sorts of people from all over the world, meeting the locals and getting a view of the way they lead their lives and generally just to have a great, exotic good time.


There is no doubt about the many attractions on offer, on Thailand's island of Koh Chang, with a number of different dining spots, honeymooners' paradises, partying spots and adventure, but what a lot of people often overlook is the simplicity the island has to offer as well.


This simplicity particularly lies within White Sand Beach, known as Hat Sai Khao by the locals, where relaxation is the order of the day.


White Sand Beach offers one of the best beach experiences, not only on the island of Koh Chang or even in the whole of Thailand, but in the whole world.


White Sand Beach is very well and appropriately named, boasting some of the purest shades of white you might ever see on sand, complemented by the pristinely blue, crystal clear water that is somewhat spookily calm.


White Sand Beach is quite big, in length and breadth as well, making it the ideal beachfront hangout that can accommodate a vast number of people at once, without getting too cramped up.


You will always find some space to go about your holiday business, even during the peak tourist seasons, but if you are after a little bit more peace and quiet, a few minutes' walk to the northern side of the beach will suit your desires considerably.


This area is little less popular amongst beachgoers, but only because many of them haven't bothered to venture that far north, missing out on a great piece of paradise within a paradise.



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