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Discover Why Elephants Have Souls

Of the many attractions Baan Klong Prao has to offer, in Koh Chang, many of which are of the visual appeal nature, if you really want to do something that will make for an experience which will stick with your for the rest of your life, you may want to try out visiting the Ban Chang Thai Elephant Camp.


The Ban Chang Thai Elephant Camp experience is one of the better ways of learning about some of the plant and animal life in Koh Chang, since you will be taking in the beautiful sights, on a guided tour of the surroundings, on elephant back.


There is probably no better vantage point to take in all the beauty of the surroundings, smell the fresh air and have a genuinely good time getting as close to the elephants as humanly possible.


Visitors who take the time to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity of discovering the souls of these gentle giants called elephants, often go away with the type of memories that make a real change in their lives and very often this activity of elephant trekking becomes one of the things they look forward to if they turn into repeat visitors of the island of Koh Chang.


The elephants seem to be part of the family of the tour guides and trainers, so the experience is definitely one of the safest adventures you can have in Koh Chang but, what is even better is the fact that you get to discover just how intelligent elephants are, showing different characters and moods at times.


On a really good day, which is often made better by going down the way of the river, the elephants get really excited and playful, so be prepared to get tossed about playfully in the water if you are feeling brave enough to engage the gentle giants on that level.