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Koh Chang Yoga & Meditation Straight from Mother Nature

Koh Chang's Khlong Prao Beach offers many more attractions than the average holiday destination, going beyond the clichés of hotels, beaches and holiday resorts, with the health and wellness scene ventured into as well.


In the case of Koh Chang's health and wellness offerings, which are fast becoming a bit part of all holiday makers' stay in Koh Chang, health, fitness, beauty and wellness do well to integrate some of the natural treatment, with an element of spirituality thrown into the mix.


Baan Zen Yoga Reiki balancing of the Chakras is one such attraction unique to Koh Chang, which is essentially a yoga and meditation program that incorporates all the elements of nature (surroundings), ancient body care secrets, a physical challenge for the body and an incredible amount of knowledge behind the activity.


Baan Zen Yoga Reiki's balancing of the Chakras is more than just participation in a number of yoga classes, as that can be taken just about anywhere in the world -- it is more of a yoga experience like no other, where a lot of enlightenment goes into the sessions, resulting in a much more powerful frame of mind.


Facilitated by a very knowledgeable, warm and friendly instructor, by the name of Joy, most of the people who have practiced any form of meditation or yoga, on all levels, walk away from this unique experience with the view that this is indeed the best of their yoga and meditation journeys.


What particularly stands out about the Baan Zen Yoga experience is the apparent power of the majestic surroundings that is harnessed, coupled with the work of someone who really knows what they are doing, to bring about results participants can actually feel.


Advancing through the levels of the Baan Zen Yoga Reiki Chakras Balancing classes will definitely leave you feeling like you have received delivery of a brand new body, with lasting effects that will spill over into all areas of your life.



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