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Ultimate Koh Chang Relaxation on Bailan Beach

In the south western part of Thailand's island of Koh Chang, lies a quiet little Eden within a paradise, which operates as somewhat of a hidden treasure to the unsuspecting Koh Chang holiday makers.


This part of the island is less known to many because it is part of the bigger area of the National Marine Park, making it ideal for those who want to get away from the big crowds, the noisy party animals and constant bother of large tourist groups.


Bailan Beach is great for ultimate Koh Chang relaxation, with a number of nearby guesthouses and resorts, catering almost exclusively to this part of the beautiful island of Koh Chang.


This part of the island is almost exclusively designed for those who have a different view of what entertainment is, away from the razzmatazz of the drinking and dancing, clubbing crowds, but more towards enjoying a nice, quiet relaxed environment.


Bailan Beach is very nice and quiet, very compact too and in the unlikely event that you bump into other tourists here, there are not likely to be many of them and it can almost be guaranteed that they will be like-minded, in that they also like to enjoy a relaxed environment in peace and quiet.


You can have a nice lay about in the sun, constantly looking over at the surroundings to complete your picture perfect moment, or enjoy a nice, quiet barbeque nearby.


If you really don't want to get any activity done, a number of nearby restaurants are available, where you can get some nice food or drinks, but expect nothing to the tune of the mainstream part of the island.


A lot of people who stay in and around Bailan Beach, who are not really into the quiet, serene environment, choose to join the rest of the crowds by day and only come back to get in some sleep later.