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Travelling to Koh Kood

In a bid do add some variety to their Thai holiday experience, a lot of visitors, who choose Koh Chang as their base, love to travel to the surrounding islands and areas, such as Koh Kood.


The frequency with which this occurs has subsequently accounted for a dedicated service to be offered, where travellers can make their way to and from Koh Kood at very regular intervals, with a lot of convenience and at an affordable rate.


The Koh Kood Speed Boat Services offer the best form of transport in this regard, with a variety of service packages to choose from, catering for the individual or couple, to the small groups, right up to the large groups, serviced by a large variety of speedboat watercraft.


With the Koh Kood Speed Boat Services, you essentially get three luxuries for the price of one -- the actual transport to and from wherever you are going, travelling comfort (some of the larger commercial ferries can get a bit crowded and rough) and you can manage to get in a whole lot of sightseeing in the process as well.


With the services running from Siri White Pier Laem Sok (Trat) to Koh Kood and back, Koh Mak (Ao Nid Pier) to Koh Kood and nearby destinations, just about all surrounding regions are covered since passengers can request for the captain to drop them off just about anywhere along the route, but it is always best to ask where the best place to get off is, in relation to where you are going specifically. Passengers do not necessarily have to go the entire distance, until they reach the departure zones, with sailing times generally lasting for 60-90 minutes, but most passengers usually do go all the way, just because of the ride comfort and the opportunity to experience some unique sightseeing.