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Kayak Equipment: What to Bring

Kayaking is one of the most exciting expeditions to go on when visiting a diversely rich area, populated with lots of waterways and plant and animal life, just waiting to be explored.


A place like Koh Chang Island, for instance, would make for one of the best locations for kayaking expeditions, simply because of all the natural water features it has to offer.


When going on a kayaking expedition though, it would probably be impractical to take along your own technical kayaking kit, which includes the kayak canoe and the rowers, so the next best thing would be to rent them, from the local service provider of the kayaking area you are planning to explore.


Furthermore, kayaking canoes can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, some more suited for specific features, like waterways that have a lot of rocks for instance, so it is better to go with the ones that are locally available, and always ask the local expert for some advice.


Fortunately though, most of these little issues are sorted out along with the services offered by the local guided kayaking service providers, so what you'll have to worry about is probably only what you need to bring, to make your kayaking expedition as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


With the technical equipment very likely sorted out (the kayak canoe and rowers), in order to make your adventure as safe and fun as possible, you will need to bring the following:


  • Lifejacket (if not supplied by the local service provider)
  • Fresh drinking water (about 2 liters is enough)
  • Big hat (to cover your shoulders and face from direct contact with the sun)
  • Sun screen
  • Covered footwear (like sneakers or light boots for walking on various challenging surfaces)
  • Sunglass shades (to keep out the sun's rays)
  • A small first aid kit (if not supplied by local service provider)
  • A dry bag (to keep your valuables in that you don't want to get wet or damage)



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