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The Basics of Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the favorite pastimes of holiday makers who visit places with water surroundings, such as Koh Chang, and it can be a great way to explore the depths of the safe waters around the Koh Chang beaches and other locations.


Beginners need some basics however as snorkeling is quite easy to master but, some safety precautions and fundamentals need to take priority.


Snorkeling Basics


The first thing you need to make sure of is the fit of your snorkeling mask -- a mask that fits you perfectly is very important as this can mean the difference between enjoying the snorkeling experience and battling constant discomfort.


Your mask has to fit your face perfectly, even if you move around.


For beginners particularly, you might want to purchase some anti-fog solution, which will prevent your mask from fogging up and obscuring your view, known by a lot of different names and it should be available at all scuba shops.


Balancing the pressure on your ears can be done easily by holding your nose shut and blowing relatively hard, which will clear your ears if you don't have any other issues you're battling with, like flu and cold or sinus problems.


The aim is to dive under the water and be able to spot as much of the underwater sea life as possible, for as long as possible so, the better swimmer you are, the better the snorkeling experience will be for you and it takes a bit of practice to master the art of diving for the best depth and balancing your face mask while taking in all the views.


Snorkeling Dangers


Beginners should try to avoid snorkeling in the night time as there are many dangers that come with not having a clear view but, night time snorkeling can be very nice for those who want to spot some sea life that only comes out in the dark.


Diving sites have to be inspected and researched for any potential dangers, like sharp coral reefs and unstable debris which can become very dangers during oscillating currents.



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