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image of Koh Chang Island
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Koh Chang Blog

Visit Koh Chang at your desiring vehicle that gives comfort to you and your family.

If you are a lover of travelling and want to experience some new sort of nature then must go ahead to Thailand and should try Koh Chang. This wonderful island will surely make your trip memorable.


Several modes of transportation are available that will take you to this exciting island. So visitors who have tight schedules and their timing doesn’t match with existing vehicles they have option to choose the other one transportation.


Though the vehicle is changed yet the comfort and luxury is the same as you are seeking. People prefer Limousine to travel from Bangkok  Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang they like it due to its comfort. It’s easy for 1 to 3 persons. For groups of travelers and families the best vehicle is minibus as it carries a lot of luggage.

Except road transport you can also reach to your destination through the plane. Visitors who want to save their time and increase their travelling potential choose Plane as they will reach in a couple of hours at Koh Chang.


These flights take off from Trat airport rather the prices of tickets are higher than road road transport yet time saving compensate this. No matter which mode of transport you select in all vehicles you will enjoy. No train goes to Koh Chang just flights and road transport is a source to go Koh Chang. The private transport is also a safest way to reach at this island because the local transport takes so much time to take you to the island.


So desiring to visit this treasure then must plan and book your seat soon because during high season it’s difficult to book your desiring vehicle. Minibuses start its traveling in the morning consecutive after every next hour. Moreover you can also visit with the Koh Chang Speedboats to Koh Kood & Koh Mak. So hurry up make your bookings now without any delay.