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An Elephant of a Different Kind

Thailand’s Naval History to be Captured in a “Bottle”


A stone’s throw away, from the heart of the tourist destination-friendly island of Koh Chang, is the New Island Naval Shipyard, which adds a whole new dynamic to the various activities enjoyed on the main tourist island of Koh Chang.


For those whose definition of a good time spreads beyond the somewhat universal norm, of nightlife partying and drinking the night away, they will have a lot of options to work with by way of entertainment, on the island.


Entertainment doesn’t have to be wild and irresponsible – it can also be very educational, leaving lasting memories that are far more valuable.


More specifically though, the elephant horn-shaped island of Koh Chang, which gets its casual name from this geological formation instead of the presence of actual elephants on the island, proudly houses the New Island Naval Shipyard, of which the major attraction is the perfect example of how the hard thinking hospitality minds can make the most out of any situation. Especially if that situation is one with a lot of history behind it, which Thailand’s past has a lot of.


The New Island Naval Shipyard accounts for further reference to the elephant – in a lot less of a biological sense however, but rather an elephant in the form of the Royal Elephant, a retired ship which is still in relatively good shape, but has been dubbed to have completed its life as a naval ship.


Tourists and history enthusiasts will be very pleased to have their curiosity fed and satisfied, as the Royal Elephant completes its reincarnation, kicking off its double life as an on-deck field trip venue and then completing it as artificial coral, after it is to be sunk.


Divers and snorkeling enthusiasts eat your hearts out as you can be sure to visit the Royal Elephant in its future form as an undersea ship skeleton, which is sure to make for some interesting developments



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