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Koh Wai Island is known as the Thailand's great hidden treasures with stunning beaches and clear water that attract millions of visitors from every part of the world every year....Read more

It is quite understandable that for people who are working very hard deserve time to unwind and relax. And one way of making the most of their time while on vacation is to spend...Read more

koh Wai beach

Ko Wai lsland is considered as the Secret Paradise Island in Thailand. Having finest beaches of the world, Thailand’s this island is no doubt one of its class. The coral reef and...Read more

As Koh Chang is a National Protected Park and Marine Sanctuary that is composed of more than 50 islands, the temptation to visit any of these islands is just tempting. But giving...Read more

Phuket's beach

Koh Chang and Phuket belong to the same country of Thailand. They are known as favorite tourism hubs among local and international tourists. Both have their distinct and unique...Read more

Koh Wai Pakarang Resort

One of the most notable things of Koh Wai Island is the variety and affordability of rooms ranging from 300-850 baht a night. A person can stay in every type of rooms whether he...Read more

The Miracle Thailand Card

Are you deciding to spend a short trip or holiday in Thailand? If, yes then you should know about the wonders of The Miracle Thailand Card which is designed exclusively to make...Read more

SSR is now proceeding towards developing a new campus on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand for its visitors and students. This new campus will bring more beauty and innovation to...Read more

Koh Wai

If you are planning to get away from your hectic life, Koh Wai Island is paradise and the right place for you. Here Koi Wai Pakarang resort is just like the heaven on earth...Read more

White Sand Beach street market

When you go out from the beach, just after the sunset, you can walk on the main road on White sand beach and you will find a small street market. For 10-20 bath you can test some tipical Thai food...Read more



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