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Ban Salak Phet Village

Retro Living In Modern Times 


Resembling a wily old fox of the game, Ban Salak Phet is the earliest community resident of the Koh Chang Island, presenting one of the most functional examples of the deeply enshrined values and ways of a village which figured out exactly how life on the island is best approached.


Ban Salak Phet
Ban Salak Phet

The environment does the villages a lot of favors though with its conducive nature to their fishing ways, largely accounting for their balanced existence, with a very high tolerance for tourism.


In fact, tourism has become a permanent part of the Ban Salak Phet Villagers’ lives which manifests in their rendition of what southern hospitality is all about and all of this draws the world’s touring community in their masses, making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world.


This is the part of Koh Chang that doubles up as premium tourist destination, much like the rest of the island, as well as a live history lesson to give it one up on the other parts of the island since it really seems to have rejected the natural progression set forth by the time machine and stayed pretty much as is through the transition of the generations.


A mixture between a way of life geared towards tourism, balanced out by a subsistent element of their way of life, makes for the ultimate environment for the locals to co-exist with tourists, complementing each other rather well.


That way, any visiting tourist can get an authentic taste of what Thai life on the Koh Chang Island is really all about, while feeling the holiday spirit and indulging in all the activities and pleasantries erected specifically for the enjoyment of tourists.


The Wat Salak Phet  Temple, which was built during King Rama V’s reign, is one of the must see attractions on any visit to the village of Ban Salak, adding to the element of history that might be missing on the other parts of the entire region.