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image of Koh Chang Island
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Koh Chang offers a broad range of appealing outdoor activities every month of the year. These can be enjoyed by everyone from children to “best agers”, from families to single travellers, and from sports fanatics to those who prefer a softer form of adventure.

Let yourself be charmed by the beauty of Koh Chang’s landscapes and nature – and experience for yourself this magnificent outdoor playground.



Green Tour at the Island of Koh Chang

Without doubt, Koh Chang is getting much attention in global tourism industry. Any visiting tourist can have the life’s experience of beauty, tranquility and relaxation packed in a natural environment. As an island under the Mu Koh Chang National Park, Koh Chang is a well-preserved...Read more

Yoga on the beach

Out Of Koh Chang's many tourist attractions, the real value lies in the availability of things that would otherwise not be easily accessible, in the Western world or any other place. One such attraction is koh chang yoga retreat camps, which...Read more

Koh Chang Golf Course

The Golf course at Siam Royal View is a 9 hole par 3 course, playable in both directions. It is thus possible to play 18 unique holes. Golf is one of the most prestigious sporting activities on earth. To get best golf experience, you should have a nice golf course. The golf...Read more

Koh Chang Fishing Tour

Koh Chang Game Fishing is a European managed company that provides quality fishing tours in and around the Koh Chang archipelago. Most people who even reside next to the beaches have always had an interest in fishing. However, most of the times this dream dies in...Read more

Cooking School Koh Chang

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions. The Thai Cuisine is considered as one of the delicious cuisines worldwide. Koh Chang cooking school, which was established back in 2000 offers various classes on...Read more

Elephant Trekking in Kohchang (photo by: Ban Chang Thai)

There are two Elephant Camps in Koh Chang. One in Klong Prao managed by Chang Chutiman Company and other in a jungle valley in the north of Koh Chang. Tour of Thailand  can never be complete without elephant trekking on its wildlife and nature rich islands and...Read more

Thai massage

Thai Massage is form of bodywork developed by monks , in which no oils or cream are used. Enjoy special thai massage in Koh Chang. Thai massage is a type of massage in Thai style that involves body stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the...Read more

Crossing to Koh Mak

Nothing can beat the adventure of kayaking in Koh Chang on totally strange water bodies, exploring new exciting things and places. If you are looking for some great sea kayaking experiences, then definitely, Koh Chang is the right place for you.  The location...Read more

Koh Chang Adventurous Diving Endeavors

The weather conditions in Thailand, especially Koh Chang are ideal for learning diving. Koh Chang accommodates all types of divers. There are those divers who have just discovered their passion...Read more

Thailand Trees

At koh chang tree adventure you will walk on beautiful trees with breathtaking views, you will experience new sensations never felt before. From one platform to another…from tree to tree. Thailand is famous for its rain forests that may seem static, but have...Read more