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In this section you can find a list of review form other bloggers. Write about your experience and help others find the best place in Koh Chang.


By:Rodger Hoffman

Xmas day, didn’t feel like it, very strange. Our aim for the day was to cycle right round the Koh Maak island. The island is only 16 Read more


We had a fantastic last day in Bangkok on Wednesday. We were both pretty tired after two days solid sightseeing in the heat so decided to head up to Dosit Park to relax. However, on the way, we...Read more

Sunset gazing.
By:Alice Lau

I described Koh Samet as paradise. Koh Chang was the same paradise but on a larger scale. Our first holiday together was in Phuket 2 years ago and it was a fitting end to conclude our trip in...Read more

Our beach nest

So our trip from Bankok to the island of Koh Chang was very uneventful I'm glad to say.  We made it in the evening and checked into some cheap beach huts costing only 400 baht per night (bout...Read more

Thai Boxing At Lonely Beach

Day eleven:

Booked up to go on a catamaran sailing and snorkelling trip along the west coast of Koh Chang, it was the most expensive (B1500) of the snorkelling trips to the islands...Read more

Boulders & Water Pipes In River

Chillaxing! (A cross between chilling and relaxing, whatever, mostly involved being horizontal by the pool).

Went into WSB for dinner again, this time by motorbike (hired another one...Read more

Bang Bao Shops

Day seven:

Ouch again, despite the benefit of a nightcap or two, last night was again a pretty uncomfortable affair due to the hard mattress. Mission today is find another hotel as well...Read more

KP Bungalows Klong Prao

Day six:

Ouch, the mattress in my room in is rock solid, don't know if it was that or the early night but I kept waking up. Went out for breakfast to local restaurant advertising a big...Read more

Koh Chang Ferry

Day five:

Goodness day five already, where has the time gone! Up at 7:30am (ugh!) to pack all my stuff up, breakfast was rice soup with chicken this time. Checked out of hotel just after...Read more


Before coming to the Spa Koh Chang I have never heard about the Iyengar Yoga. That by itself does not mean much - I am not known for my physical fitness, however I have watched Ashtanga, have done...Read more

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