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Entertainment, local culture, sports, relaxation – the choice is enormous, and guaranteed to add extra appeal to any holiday.


The best events of our season, absolutely not to be missed:



The Koh Chang Yutthanavi Day

The last week of January every year is a commemoration of the brave Thai Royal Navy forces who risked their lives in the island of Koh Chang for the total...Read more

The Chinese New Year

Not only the Chinese celebrate their Chinese New Year in February, but also the Thais, where a lot of them have Chinese ancestry. The...Read more

Trat Independence Day

Although Thailand has never been colonized by any empire, the province of Trat celebrates their independence from the French colonizers after the diplomatic...Read more


Suk san wan songkran! Get ready to get wet in Thailand’s traditional New Year’s Day celebration, the Songkran Festival. Read more

Trat Fruit Fair

Enjoy the rich, delicious and fresh fruits in the province of Trat during summer in the annual festivity, the Trat Fruit Fair. Located in the eastern part of...Read more

Buddha’s Birthday

If the Catholics’ Jesus Christ has a birthday then Buddha, too, has one. It’s not only the day Gautama Buddha was born though, but it includes his all his...Read more

Queen's Birthday (Mothers' Day)

Mother’s day in Thailand is not celebrated during May as many other countries do, but it is celebrated every 12th of August to mark the birthday of the queen,...Read more

King's Birthday (Wan Chalerm)

If the usual Father’s Day is celebrated every second week of June in most countries, Father’s Day in Thailand just like Mother’s Day, is observed during the...Read more



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