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Tonsai Restaurant
Cuisine type: Thai food

Another one of the local Thai restaurants, the Tonsai Restaurant tends to cater more for the international marker rather than the locals, with the...Read more

The Spa Koh Chang Radiance Restaurant
Cuisine type: Thai food

Restaurants in general, even those which claim to offer specialized diets like vegan and vegetarian, usually don’t rank that high on the...Read more

The Souk Restaurant
Cuisine type: Thai food

While the main attraction of the island of Koh Chang has its roots deeply planted in the night life and partying scene, it’s always nice to know...Read more

The Chill Restaurant
Cuisine type: European food

As if in a bid to stay competitive and in trend with the other developments of the Koh Chang Island, the Chill Restaurant is actually an extension of the Chill...Read more

Smiling Buddha Restaurant
Cuisine type: Thai food

For a local Thai restaurant to be named after a pleased deity, you know you’ll be getting a serious chunk of some local, exotic culinary aura to take back home with you and a...Read more

Rock Sand Terrace Restaurant
Cuisine type: European food

Now if you find yourself in the White Sand Beach area, of the Koh Chang Island of Thailand, and you want to touch base again with the exotic culture of the place, Rock Sand Terrace...Read more

Rock Sand Restaurant
Cuisine type: American Food

In one of the most unlikely marriages of the culinary world, American cuisine comes together with Thai cuisine to make for quite an interesting...Read more

Pink Restaurant
Cuisine type: Thai food

As is somewhat of a trend in White Sand Beach, Pink Restaurant is somewhat of a curiously named restaurant that deals strictly in Thai cuisine, albeit Thai cuisine with a modern...Read more

Nong Bua Seafood
Cuisine type: Sea food

The Nong Bua Seafood Restaurant is one of those Koh Chang restaurants that epitomizes the concept of speedy service, with a strong contingent of...Read more

Wiener-Schnitzel mit Pommes
Cuisine type: European food

As the name suitably suggests, Meals & More is another one of the selection of German restaurants which have made the Koh Chang Island of...Read more

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