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Providing advanced solutions for your hotel business.

Today, a business needs to have a professional website in order to attract new customers and communicate effectively with regular clients.

The online booking of hotel rooms is becoming more and more popular, with a 40% increase in the last few years. People prefer the simplicity and speed of booking a hotel online; the internet is now the number one travel agency, with 80% of travellers preferring to reserve a hotel room online.


Save money – Only buy what you need

By using HotelSiteSystemPro™, you will never again have to pay for, or install, extra software for your website. Our design team have made HotelSiteSystemPro™ simple and straightforward to use. This means that you can manage and edit your website easily, without having to spend your valuable time learning things like HTML, CSS, programming or web design.

TYPO3 is an innovative form of technology; save money, save time and reap the benefits of a CMS system run by experts.

Our modular website packages allow you to pay for only the features that you need, to build the best website for your hotel business.


  Hosting Package (Duration 12 months)

  Basic design with combination of colors and fonts

  Basic Booking System

  Photo Gallery


  News&special System

  Home page slideshow

  Newsletter Registration System


Basic web design

We offer a basic website package, which will provide you with everything you need to create a standard, professional-looking website at an affordable price.

Within this package, you can change aspects of the site such as the colour and images, so that the website reflects your corporate brand and identity.

Logos and other images can be added quickly and easily.



Template 001
Template 002
Template 003
Template 004


Additional modules

For those who want to add more quality features to their basic design package, we also offer a wide range of additional features, which will take your website from professional to outstanding, by enhancing the visitors’ experience of your site.


Mobile portal system 13.000 BATHS
Custom Graphic Design 29.000 BATHS
Full newsletter system 11.000 BATHS
Advanced booking system 10.000 BATHS
Media corner 13.000 THB
Photography for site 15.000 THB
Video for Youtube 10.000 THB
Installation of Google Analytics Statistics 4.000 THB
Creation of text and editing of content 2500 THB/HOUR
Insertion of content 1000 THB/HOUR
Translation contents 2500 THB/HOUR
Custom extensions 3000 THB/HOUR

The latest technology in the hotel industry

Typo3 is the most powerful and extensive enterprise-level open-source content management frameworks available today. 

TYPO3  is the most powerful and extensive, enterprise level open source, content management framework available today.

We use the latest technology, to bring you more choice when it comes to building your hotel website. Now, you don’t have to choose between amazing design and high quality content.

The design and content aspects of HotelSiteSystemPro™ are completely separate from one another.

This means that you can redesign your website, altering the layout, colour schemes and photography, without having to change the content. 
Our designers will create a site made exactly to your specifications. Each and every website that we design is unique, contemporary and above all, extremely professional. Hotel websites need to be of an exceptionally high standard, with a clear corporate identity integrated into the design; we provide all of this and more.

The main advantage of our CMS in comparison to others, is that it gives you the power to change the content or the design separately. We use a powerful and highly effective CMS called TYPO3, which allows users to add, remove or completely change the text, images and plug-ins for the site, all within this easy to use system.

With TYPO3, you have everything you need for a successful website, in one place.

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